Why Choose Us?

At Monitor Systems we are here to help. We are a strong positive team, delivering a high output of work from our Cheshire head office to sites across the country.

We believe our biggest asset our ability to reduce your risk because of our provenance in the industry. Our experience is unrivalled, but has been built on a strong core team of which we are very proud. This means the usual worries about our understanding of the specification or how we work on site are set aside.

Starting with our in-house designers, right through to procurement, site management and site operatives- we have control of all elements of the business under one roof. This means constant communication within the business and no reliance on external parties. When we approach design with a mechanical partner, we like to take the lead and have years of experience on ‘clash’ areas such as corridor voids, sprinkler heads and access hatches.

At site level we can work around a tricky programme, by either getting in early to ‘pre-fix’ areas ready for us, or deploying a larger team if the programme is tight. All our engineers are fully skilled, so rather than waiting for separate specialists to complete individual tasks, we are able to progress through each phase of works in one visit. Construction is rarely straightforward but we have the knowledge base to deal with most situations.

Equally we don’t dilute our offering. We stay focused on one sector and we do it really well. Warehouses and schools are not our forte, but within the care sector we believe we can make life simple and straightforward and you can trust us to be in control.

We work in a number of ways - traditional tendering, contractor propsals and negotiating. All our work is specific to the care sector:

  • Care & Nursing Homes
  • Care Villages
  • Specialist Secure Units
  • Step-Down Facilities
  • Brain Injury Units
  • Retirement Villages with Specialist Care Centres
  • Dementia Care Schemes
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If you have a tender for the care sector which needs our expertise then please email to sophie@monitor-systems.com. We can typically turn a tender around within a 10 day period depending on complexity.

Contractor proposal or negotiating enables you as a care operator or developer to liaise directly with us which can often result in lower costs and faster progress. We work on a number of schemes where we create an electrical specification tailored to meet your needs.

We are more than happy to sit around a table to discuss your ‘wish list’ and turn this into a formal specification and cost it. Alternatively we can create a base line proposal and a number of upgrade options so you can decide where to best spend the budget.

At any point you are welcome to come and meet the team and see what we are working on currently in our design office and contracts office which can be reassuring if you haven’t worked with a full-service electrical contractor before.

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